Nextep Luxury Leather Flooring and Wall Tiles

Real leather Nextep Luxury Leather flooring and surfaces. Made from real hide.


Nextep Leather Sabbia Oiba

Nextep Real Leather Tiles Are the Benchmark for Quality

A combination of technology and tradition. Available in several formats with porcelain, pvc or hpl backing for flooring, wall tiling and coverings: sizes up to 1200 x 600mm

Leather Colour Range Nextep UK


Nextep Leather Hides

Embossed leather surfaces. Choose from 7 different tactile finishes, Arcadia, Elefante, Giglio, Treccia, Caimano, Damasco and Zebra, and combine with lifestyle leather.

Tactile Nextep


Nextep Leather Hides

This range is made from mosaics from the whole tactile range assembled in 50mm tessae combining nature with style.

Nextep Leather Hides

The quality process begins with the choice of skins, at the source of supply. It combines technology and innovation with the traditions of the trade, patience and manual skills. It implies competence, commitment and sensibility and taking care of even the finest details, to create beauty witha creative spirit, to free the essence of the skins and enhance their natural properties.



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